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durban poison-01.png
DP Warm.png

This is genetically pure 100% sativa strain, a rare find, and cannot be beat in terms of pure sativa enjoyment.  Go ahead and replace that later in the day cup of coffee with a little bit of Durban Poison and enjoy the cerebral high without a drag.  Catch the lemon and lime smell while lifting your spirits, keeping your smile stretching, and helping you maintain that positive mood all night.

The Landrace

GFD Warm.png
grapefruit durban-01.png

The Go-To

Euphoric, uplifting, cerebral, crystal clear.  Take a bite of this Grapefruit Durban for a creative escape and enjoy your high as productively, or as relaxed as you see fit.  This Hawaiian low level mountain sativa is one of our overall personal favorite smokes.  With one toke of this delightful strain you’ll see why as you find yourself in hybrid heaven.

Super Lemon Haze.jpg
super lemon haze-01.png

The Charge Up

Our Super Lemon Haze is the longest reigning Michigan Cannabis Cup Champ, keeping its title since 2018.  Longest reigning because there wasn't a Cup for a while because of Covid? Let's not split hairs over that because you'll soon agree that this super sativa is the best all day smoke, with that perfect potency to keep you going.  We call it "the charge up" because it's that boost you need to end your full day with a full finish.

GG4 Warm.png

That’s right, you know what GG stands for, and while it can’t go by it’s original title, it still packs it’s original punch. With a cheese and fuel flavor,  GG4 is the perfect hybrid with it’s uplifting body high and it’s peaceful rest. Potent and popular, get your fingers sticky on this famous primate strain.

The Glue

GG OG_edited.png


PEX Warm.png

"I thought hurricane season was over"

You recognize the name of this strain because it’s weed worth knowing. By far one of the most energizing and euphoric highs, Pineapple Express is the favorite sativa dominant strain for many in the Highlands family.  It’s got a delightful sour and citrusy scent with a clean ending. How does our cultivation choose a favorite amongst it’s many strains? Well, when there’s Pineapple Express around, it’s easy.

Pineapple Express #2.png
chatty - red.png
energizing - yellow.png
relaxing - green.png
Bdad Warm.png

Please Dad Responsibly.

Laugh your slippers off with this strain, because Banana Daddy is a perfect low key way to hang with your Dad buds (no pun intended).  An amazing wind-down at the end of your week, this strain may have lower THC, but it packs the perfect giggle.  Try some Ban Dad and finally get that mower drama off your chest by ranting about it with your friends.  Go ahead and relax, shout out “frick shoot darn heck,” and laugh about how much you love answering the phone by saying “yelllllow.”

Dads, we know, it's not the heat... it's the humidity.

Banana Daddy.png
happy - blue.png
hungry - grey.png
CB Warm.png

Just like a snazzy new outfit can restore lost confidence and self-esteem, this hybrid beauty beckons you toward an exciting yet calming, unified embrace.  Hit the pause button on all the criticism you continually let in and breathe in that refreshing, citrus aroma. Citrus Blazer is a fruit blast, just as you’d assume with a name like that.  This indica-dominant hybrid will encourage you to fill yourself with a necessary internal peace.  Set forth, because you’re ready to blaze.

Oh, hello.

Citrus Blazer.png
cerebral - pink.png
brightening - orange.png
calming - indigo.png
Grapefruit Durban.jpg

The Ride-Along

Rev up those proverbial engines cause Sour Diesel is ready for a ride.  Sour D is a sativa strain with a dreamy and cerebral quality that will leave you feeling like you’re ready to roll.  You guessed it from the name, this strain has a strong pungent flavor profile with a diesel gassy aroma.  If you’re feeling down, this is a great way to get that lift, let you of your stress, and feel like you did when you first got your license and went driving down an old country road for the first time.  Feel free with Sour D. 


But even with all of the fun car metaphors, Highlands encourages you to not smoke and drive.

Sour Diesel.png
Durban poison.jpg

Cheat Day

Super Cookies.png

Cookies strains are popular all over the country, and Michigan is no exception.  This strain is reliable and quite a middle level hybrid.  Try this strain and lean into the fun of it by opening up a tub of your favorite cookie dough.  Or get in touch with your kitcheny side and make that dough yourself.  Either way, this strain will make the end result so enjoyable since Super Cookies will leave you peaceful and hungry.

GD no BG.png

Oh So Boujee

Grape Diamonds.png

This hybrid strain is truly one of the prettiest strains to look at with its grape cluster shape, and the beautiful purple hues. Grape Diamonds has a very complex flavor profile with some grape at the beginning, a grapefruit scent in the middle, and a subtle gassy finish.  Since it leans toward the sativa side, we find this strain is helpful for staying calm and soothing nerves.  So put those fancy slippers on and get your partner to fan you while you enjoy these clusters of Grape Diamonds.

brightening - orange.png
energizing - yellow.png
relaxing - green.png
Mac V2 Warm.png

The Thumbs Up

Mac V2.png

Remember those field trips with you and your friends in the back of the bus just begging for passing semis to give their horn the ol’ toot toot? And then the driver gives you the nod... you’ve been seen and heard.  The horn blasts and victory is yours.  That’s exactly what we at Highlands feel from our first toot of MAC V2.  Its a sturdy hybrid that leans on the Sativa side of the spectrum and it will keep you feeling calm and warm, without feeling like you’re stuck on the couch.  It has got a smooth and earthy aroma to it, so give a try and watch it brighten your mood.  Get that feeling back from when you were a kid and loved to soak in the simple things.

chatty - red.png
happy - blue.png
Man Cook Warm.png

The Path

Got too much on your mind? Mandarin Cookies is a tangy blast that will gently launch, or shall we say slide, you into a soothing and delightful peace. You’ll be floored (see what we did there?) by the strong sativa-dominant effects of this strain, so be prepared with your pre-selected Netflix show or more likely,  your inevitable snuggly nap corner.  You’ll wake up feeling immensely refreshed and ready to take on the world… or have another bite of Mandarin Cookies. Your choice.

Mandarin Cookies.png
cerebral - pink.png
brightening - orange.png



BC warm.png

The Nightcap

Start your night off with a chatty, cerebral beginning and let it fade into that perfect sleepy finish. Biochem is the perfect nightcap as a strong indica blend. It’s got the best of both worlds since it’s a great way to turn off your brain and turn on... whatever it is you want to turn on.  From Chem Dawg 94 comes this deep purple and dense bud with that classic gassy aroma. 

cherry lime haze.jpg
cherry lime haze-01.png

The Deep

Child of the sought after Cherry Pie US, this Michigan Cannabis Cup 3rd place winner is the all day smoke you’ve been looking for. Boasting a perfect fruity flavor and a dark and deep cheesy smell, you’ll love taking in all the smells.  Does it sound like we’re bragging about Cherry Lime Haze? Well it should, because we are. You’ll understand once you try this and recommend it to a fellow indica lover. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

SK nug nobg.png

Darth Indicus

Who cares who shot first with this heavy indica. Just one hit and you’ll understand how a parsec is a measurement of both distance and speed.  With a fuel-y smell and an Oberon taste, this exclusive release strain will knock you out and set you up for a night of your favorite kind of leisure.  Remember midichlorians? Even that nonsense won’t be able to kill your buzz.​

*Please note, we do not recommend you use Starkiller as an attempt to enjoy the character of Jar Jar Binks, as no amount of anything could help tackle that beast. 

Cadillac Rainbowz.png
Cadi Rain Nug Cold no BG.png

3… 2… 1… sleep.


This strong indica strain is full of beautiful colors and gives those who try it an even brighter, restful, and carefree sleep.  It creeps in to let you appreciate all of the body's relaxing effects one by one as you’re left with a smooth soothing high.  So lean in, get out your favorite version of Mario Kart, and ride this rainbow road all the way to a fantastic night of satisfaction and peace.

GSC Warm.png

The Craving

GS Cookies is a popular indica strain known for its euphoric effects. Remember the days when you couldn’t get a certain tasty cookie but for certain times of the year?  Also, remember when you couldn’t get certain tasty weed strains? Well no more waiting, enjoy GS Cookies as you curl up on your comfiest chair. Get some of this Highlands treat and grab your favorite cookie to pair, as this indica will leave you hungry, happy, and stress-free.

GS Cookies.png

Seek Adventure

Copy of SS.png
Safari Sunset.png

Make any day an adventure with Safari Sunset.  You don’t have to make plans or check your schedule, you just need a little time and some Safari Sunset.  This strain gives energy alongside peace, so no matter how you choose to spend your day, you’re sure to have an amazing experience.  This has a surprising balance between a body and head high, and you will enjoy some earth and spice flavors along your journey.

XXX Warm.png

Accept What You Deserve

Dusk has fallen. As you comb over the long day, you hear a faint knock at the door.  Who could it be? It’s XXX himself.  You welcome this strong warrior of an indica-dominant hybrid and feel its enchanting power wash over you.


Should you fight against its influence or let the deep relaxation charge your soul as you soak in the pine notes and its natural earthy smell? One of your choices will leave you in the warm embrace and lasting satisfaction of Highlands’ hottest strain.  With its subtle calm and uplifting finish, enjoy XXX and remind yourself to…


Accept What You Deserve.

Sherb Warm.png
Sherb Cake.png

One taste and you’ll be hooked. Sherb Cake has a fantastic smell with a tropical berry aroma, leaving you with the memory of hot summer days enjoying a Flinstones push up or three.  This purple flower has strong euphoric and uplifting qualities, leaving you free to relax in your favorite way.  You may want to have your juice handy because Sherb cake is a well balanced hybrid that might leave your mouth watering for more.

The All-In-One

Oreoz warm.png

Dunk, Eat, Repeat.

This tasty delight comes from a strong lineage: Cookies and Cream and Secret Weapon, and will leave you with a strong high all afternoon.  If you’re new to smoking, start small with Oreoz because its potency will leave even experienced smokers feeling nice and blazed. Instead of roasting marshmallows, you’ll feel like you’ve got Oreoz over the bonfire with the campfire aroma and strong haze. Get your favorite midnight snack, munch away, and then sleep the whole night through with Highlands’ Oreoz.

relaxing - green.png
sleepy - yellow.png
hungry - grey.png

The McLovin

Laugh it up, get rid of the pain, and sleep that crazy night off with Superbad.  This indica leaning hybrid has a sweet and fruity smell and will have you grabbing your favorite snack while you enjoy your full body high.  Notice your aches leaving you with just a relaxing happy high because Superbad is just like the movie: a great way to forget about your troubles and laugh at how awkward it was to be in high school.

H10 Superbad Nug no BG.png
relaxing - green.png
sleepy - yellow.png
hungry - grey.png
Chem Cookies.png

The Party in Slumber Party

Chem Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid with fabulously strong indica effects, sure to leave you relaxed, sleepy, stoned, and content.  You’ll recognize its famous parents as Chemdog #4 and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) are known for their profile and flavor.  With scents ranging from coffee to plum notes, you’ll love the smell as you get stoned and enjoy a full night’s sleep with Chem Cookies.


H11 Chem Cookie Nug3.png
relaxing - green.png
sleepy - yellow.png